Managing reviews in
App Store and Google Play

We'll take on your routine tasks and
let your team focus on your core business.
How it works
We thoroughly study your app
Our employees will regularly use your app to stay up-to-date
We regularly reply to reviews
In a week's time, we'll be able to respond up to 95% of all reviews
We report on the job done
You'll get statistics on how many reviews we replied to, how it affected your app's rating and what your audience sentiment is

Why choose us

We offer lower prices while ensuring the highest quality
Review management is our domain. We are always improving and optimizing our processes which allows us to keep prices low
We save you time
Spare you the need to search, train and manage your staff
We reply to reviews in all languages
Every user deserves attention. We'll leave no one unattended. 
Best staff
We meticulously select and train our employees
Guaranteed quality
All replies are moderated before publication
Our staff gets access only to reviews and not to any private information

Leave us a request and we'll get back to you

What's the pricing?
The price depends on the amount of apps and languages. Contact us and we'll calculate the price for you. 
I already have my own support team. Why do I need you? 
Firstly, we'll take on your routine and your team will be able to focus on more important and difficult tasks. You won't have to waste time searching, training and managing your staff. 
How is it going to be implemented technically?
You'll have to grant us the permission to read and reply to your reviews on App Store or Google Play. We don't need access to any of your private information.
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